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Mission statement

A place to call mine

So, we finally have a proper website for our lovely minecraft server! I hope you will all enjoy it, and use it to help grow our community!

I want to talk to you all today about one main thing; The mission statement of the server. The vision. What do i wish for the server? What is the goal?

That is what this post will be about, so let’s get started.

The original reason the server was started, was because i was getting tired of bad leadership, corruption, and leaders protecting corrupts mods on another server. So, i set out to make my own server, where there would not be such bad leadership, or corruption, but where the community was in power, where the community was a part of the development, and where the main focus was relaxation, fun, and being together.

Another reason was that i wanted a place to call mine. A place no-one could touch, or take away from me. I wanted to share such a place with others.

Since then

Our server has since grown into a lovely community, where i recognise that a lot of people in the community are vulnerable young people. Just like i was at their age. And i wish to turn this community into a safe-space where they can feel welcome, no matter what issues they may have. The only important thing is that they are good people, who wish to contribute to the community, and give more than they take. I see a lot of our current players fitting into that vision, into that goal. It will requires expansion of our little family, if we want this to happen. But i believe that it is an attainable goal, if we work together towards it.

A place for the weird and strange

What i hope from all of you, is that you will embrace the idea of a lovely relatively small community of weirdos and outcasts. People who don’t feel accepted in school. People who feel left out when their peers are having fun. If you feel strange, or different, i want this to be the place for you. You are not wrong, you just have not found your crowd. TiIl now. This is what i want for this server; Protection and a community for those who are vulnerable. I hope you will all work towards this goal with me. If the server should ever grow larger than intended (Around 30-40 people) i will implement measures to make sure our core family stays together. If the server ever turns profitable, i will donate whatever profit there is to a charity of the community’s choosing.

This is the OwO World mission statement. The OwO World goal. I look forward to seeing you all ingame!

– Digipass – Founder of OwO World

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  1. Ok first of all really cool website, I hope it goes somewhere just maybe change the text colour a little bit, it kinda hurts to look at

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